Seafood Prodcts

Alaskan Pollack

Season availability: Jan-Feb, Aug-Oct. Sizes; 2lbs or less; (fresh) skinless, boneless, graded; 1/2, 2/4, 4/6, 6/8 IQF. Shatter pack and block; origin Alaska, China, Russia. Market name; Pollock, Alaskan Pollock and Walleye Pollock.

Atlantic Salmon

Origin; China, Canada, Chile, Norway, Washington State, Maine; 8-15lbs. Fresh; skinless, whole, head-on, gutted. Frozen ; boneless portions. 

King Salmon

Origin; California, Oregon, Washington State and Alaska. Season May-Aug, Oct-Apr, 15-20lbs, fresh/frozen, H&G, PBO & PB fillets, smoked. Has a high oil content as of all species of salmon.

Chum Salmon

Origin; Alaska, British Columbia and Washingtion State. Season May-Nov. Size 8-10lbs, fresh; H&G, skin-on, skin-off frozen and boneless.

Sockeye Salmon

Origin; Alaska, British Columbia, Russia, Washington State. Season May-Aug, size 4-6lbs, frozen/fresh H&G, skin-on, skin-off frozen and boneless.


Origin; Alaslka, British Columbia, Columbia, Russia, Japan; Season Mar 15-Nov 15, limited supply in winter, size 20-100lbs avg. Fresh/frozen H&G fillet, steaks, frozen battered portions.

Pacific Whiting

Origin; California, Oregon, Washington, B.C. Season Jan-Apr, May-Aug. Size 1-2lbs, frozen H&G fillets.

Spiney Lobster

Origin; U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Brazil, Bahamas and Honduras. Season; varies. Size; 1-5lbs, frozen raw tail on. 

Snow Crab

Origin; Alaska, Canada, Korea and Russia. Season Jan-July. Size; 11/2, 21/2lbs and 2-5

Dungeness Crab

Origin; California, Oregon, Washington State, Alaska and B.C. Seasons vary; Size; 1-3lbs, 1-1, 1/2, 11/2, 11/2-2 and 2.


Origin; U.S., Asia and Latin America. Season; year round. Size; avg 1-2lbs, max size 10lbs. Frozen; whole skinless, boneless fillets, live skin on-off boneless skinless fillets.

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