We assist in the distribution and export of manufactured products to worldwide destinations.

Private labeling and packaging is available.

We specialize in procuring a large variety of products such as Baby foods, Frozen meats, Beverages, Medical equipment, etc.


Veterans Exports and Imports has established strong working relationships with 100's of manufactures around the world thereby giving us the ability to acquire a very large variety of products for our serious customers.


Please do not hesitate to submit any special requests to us.


Our contact form is provide for any and all special requests.

Ocean Freight

Dry goods and non-perishable merchandise are shipped by ocean which is the most economical means of product transportation.

Air Freight

We use air freight to ship live seafood and perishable merchandise at the request of our clients. Special care is taken to ensure all merchandise arrive safe and on time.

Domestic Freight

Ground transportation can be utilized for many parts of Canada and Mexico thereby providing fast and reliable service.